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Will & Estate Free Planning Guide

Your Will and Estate Planning Guide takes away some of the mystery of the estate planning process by providing you with practical information and tools. It can help you consider how to provide for your family and leave gifts for charities. It gives you guidance on how to ease the burden of settling your estate and reduce expenses to the estate, including taxes. Using this guide will help you understand how to develop an estate plan that carries out your wishes. By planning now, you give yourself and your family peace of mind.

MFC is here to help you. If you have questions about this guide, or will and estate planning, you can contact an MFC Stewardship Consultant by calling 1-800-772-3257 or emailing

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Strategic · Charitable Giving

Will & Estate Free Planning Guide

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The power to choose

You are in charge of your charitable giving

Mennonite Foundation of Canada has been serving donors as a public charitable foundation since 1974. We are here to serve you and your charitable intentions as a donor, connecting faith, values and generosity. MFC puts you in charge of your charitable giving.

You decide how much money, when to give, and to whom you’d like to give, and MFC does the rest. We are here to connect you with the charities you care about most. MFC will manage the funds you donate on your behalf, making your financial giving both joyful & easy.

You can trust MFC

Gifting made easy

Gifting made easy

You make one donation and we help you distribute your gift to the charities of your choice.

It's right for you

It’s right for you

We help anyone, not just Mennonites. We can direct funds to any registered Canadian Charity, anonymously if you wish.

Tax Advantages

Tax Advantages

Our consultants advise you on the most tax efficient way to donate, and we provide just one tax receipt.

We look after the details

We look after the details

Simply identify the charity you wish to support and we take care of the legal responsibilities.

Change of plans


No problem. You can make changes to your charitable plan at any time, with no fee.

Sharing Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge

We’re committed to helping individuals and organizations become even better stewards of all that God has given us.

Guiding principles

Guiding Principle no.3

God is generous

Our faithful generosity is a reflection of God’s character.

Guiding Principle no.1

God owns, we manage

As managers we have responsibilities and are accountable to God.

Guiding Principle no.2

God asks for our whole selves

Our stewardship is best forged in communities marked by integrity.

Guiding Principle no.4

God invites us to share

Giving is an act of worship that proves our words of faith are true.

Lorenz and Victoria Weibe

What I liked about the Mennonite Foundation is that they do offer services that help you with your charitable donation directly and help you with your bequests.

- Lorenz and Victoria Wiebe

John and Kate Penner

We were just thankful that we could give.

- John and Kate Penner

Dale Lutz

Working with MFC has been an absolute dream. I have enjoyed every interaction; it has just been fantastic!

- Dale Lutz

David Webber

To do good is part of the foundation’s purpose and the clients that I have very much appreciate that.

- David Webber

Mennonite Foundation of Canada

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