Other ways to give


Setting up a family foundation is one way to manage your charitable giving; however, operating a private foundation takes time and requires people with certain skills. Abundance Canada is capable of handling all the tasks involved in running a family foundation.


  • Normally costs less to use an existing public foundation than to start one from scratch;
  • There are no start up costs and no annual legal and accounting fees to begin a foundation account at Abundance Canada. Those savings alone can constitute a substantial gift to charity;
  • You don’t need to have substantial financial resources to create your own foundation account at Abundance Canada. We already have these types of accounts, ranging in size from a few thousand dollars to several million;
  • Our services provide you with a broad range of options, some of which are not available through a private foundation;
  • Our many years of experience provide you with proven expertise, flexible options, enhanced services, and sound fund management;
  • We can accommodate your preference for either anonymity or recognition.


An endowment fund is the storing of one or more gifts for long-term benefit to charity. It can be a one-person arrangement or it can be an ongoing arrangement where many people contribute.

Endowment funds, or long-term vehicles for charitable giving, are a valuable asset for churches, conferences, and institutions. If you have a vision for the longer-term, then using an endowment fund is for you.  Endowment funds support the ongoing programs of organizations, whether locally, nationally, or internationally.

An endowment fund set up with Abundance Canada can serve the same purposes as a private foundation, with some added benefits:



Your will is your final statement of values. Up-to-date wills help to ensure that your family will be provided for and your favourite charities will be supported. You can make your gift a specific percentage of the residual amount of your estate or a specific asset.

Instead of naming one or more charities in your will, you can name Abundance Canada to receive your total gift for charity. On a separate document from your will, you then recommend to Abundance Canada how your gift shall be managed and distributed. You may amend your recommendations at any time without having to update your will. Using Abundance Canada to distribute or manage your charitable gift relieves your executor of this task.


  • Through Abundance Canada your estate gift can be managed even after your estate has been finalized.
  • You may recommend the charities you want to support and make changes during your lifetime.
  • Your estate will receive a charitable receipt for the amount of your gift, thus reducing or eliminating final taxes.
  • You can make the distribution without restrictions or Abundance Canada will communicate your restrictions to the recipient charities.
  • Your distributions to charity may be made anonymously.
  • Abundance Canada is here to assist you with your first will or to update your existing will, encouraging you to remember charity in your estate distribution. At Abundance Canada we believe that providing a gift to charity is the Christian’s final act of stewardship.

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